Turning Water Bottles Into Clothes Did you ever think that clothes could be made from used plastic water bottles? I bet not. Not before you saw how cool the Dirtball clothes looked like. Oh! Don’t you know the company I am talking about? Well, in case you don’t know… Dirtball Fashion is a North Carolina-based company that makes clothes out of recycled materials. Founded in 2008 by Joe Fox, it’s been producing the coolest eco-friendly clothes on earth. Many apparel companies are making effort to go eco-friendly but it’s proving to be difficult. For Dirtball, it was built on the foundation of striving to make stylish eco-friendly clothing. Therefore, if you ask me, I would say it’s a pacesetter. It leads and everybody follows. You can always view the entire Dirtball selection online. Some of the selection includes shirts, shorts, socks, jeans and hats among others. The coolest thing about Dirtball is that all its products are made out of recycled products. The shirts are made out of the combination of water bottles polyester and cotton fiber. To be precise, all shirts contain 65% recycled cotton yarn plus 35% recycled post consumer polyester. Both plain and printed shirts are available for sale and you can view them online. Dirtball shorts are made out of 100% recycled polyester and are recyclable too. Of course, your all clothes wear out after sometimes and you have to replace them with new ones. With Dirtball eco-friendly shorts, you are advised to bring them back so that they are recycled again. As a customer, you will be rewarded with a cool 25% discount on your next purchase for bringing back the short. You have seen how cool Dirtball T-shirts are. Did you know that each one of them contains 2.5 16oz. water bottles? Fox must have thought so hard to know this was going to be practical. If you’re sincere, you have actually said Kudos to Dirtball Fashion. Let’s give the credit to where it’s due. The data from various studies about the effect of pollution on our environment is worrying. It’s great and inspiring to see companies like this whose main concern is to protect the surrounding. Dirtball has also added green jeans to the mix. So, to prepare 100,000 pairs of green jeans, 900,000 plastic water bottles are required. The jeans are cool, durable and comfortable to say the least. At only $100, you get yourself a pair.