Since 2008, Dirtball, a North Carolina-based Fashion Company remains the only one that produces 100% eco-friendly clothing. Currently, in its collection there are T-shirts, socks, hats, beanies, shorts, polo shirts as well as hoodies. Today, I want to focus on the Dirtball jeans or if you want, you can call it ‘green jeans.’ Due to the public demand, the jeans was added to the mix of other eco-friendly. Contrary to what the name suggests, nothing is dirty about Dirtball. In fact, it’s the only company that makes clean, green clothes from waste materials. When the company had decided to add the green jeans, there was need to get some support from wherever. That’s why there was a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the project. As expected, the campaign successfully raised at least $40,000. The eco-friendly jeans are made from a mixture of recycled pre-consumer cotton and plastic water bottles. Each jeans contains more than 8 water bottles. When the first jeans began shipping, it was unbelievable how everyone scrambled for them. Believe it or not, for every 100,000 pairs of jeans that Dirtball makes, they empty the landfills about 900,000 plastic water bottles. So, the jeans are not just about satisfying stylish needs of the company’s customers, it also help a big deal in cleaning the environment. If you want to know what a high quality jeans is, we, at Dirtball will give you more than that. Our jeans are comfortable and smartly knitted. They come in all sizes for men. You’ve got to try them and see what I mean. You don’t have to break the bank to purchase our jeans. You get them at the cheapest prices without compromising the quality. For instance, for you to purchase a pair of jeans, you need not more than $100. To place your order online, just visit our website. Contact us at any time for more details. When we call them “green jeans”, all we mean is that they have environmentally friendly qualities. Some people may think that they are all green in color. That’s not true. To clear the rumors, they do not necessarily come in green color but are available in blue. The jeans come in sizes 28 to 38 and their inseams range from 30 to 36. You can always view them online and I bet you’ll be impressed. If you love style, Dirtball jeans are the pairs to go for.