Dirtball is 100% made in USA and 100% eco-friendly. Let’s face it. Everybody loves Dirtball and its eco-friendly clothes seem to satisfy everybody’s needs in the world of fashion. The bottle you throw into the recycling bin might be what you’ll wear few days to come. You know that if that bottle finds its way into Dirtball premises, it might be the next T-shirt, socks or any other clothe that this company makes. Dirtball is purely homegrown because of many reasons. First, it gets its raw materials locally… used materials that are no longer needed in homes. For instance, if you buy a bottle of fresh drinking water, the bottle becomes useless and hence you throw it away. Dirtball on the other hand takes that bottle and recycle it to make fiber. Secondly, Dirtball; a North Carolina-based fashion company only employ Americans. In that way, it creates job opportunities to the locals. At Dirtball, we produce a collection of clothing which are 100% made in USA. If you view our collection online, you’ll find jeans, shorts, T-shirts and much more. Each of them is made out of a recycled material like plastic water bottles, recycled pre-consumer cotton and polyester. Our clothes are not only recycled, but also recyclable. So if it is torn or you just feel like you want to buy a new one, bring it back to Dirtball Fashion so that it’s recycled again into a new clothe. Furthermore, you also get a discount of 20% on your future online purchase. I call Dirtball an eco-fashion company because all its clothing is eco-friendly. Furthermore, it was founded based on environmental protection. It saves America a lot of fresh water because it reuses plastic water bottles. For example, for every 100,000 T-shirts made, more than 916,000 gallons of fresh water are saved. The company is very sustainable because the used materials which are to be recycled are always there. If you talk of water bottles, more than 1 billion of them can be got from American landfills each year. The eco-friendly can be produced as many as possible because the materials as well as labor are present. For the bottles to turn into those stylish clothes, the bottles are first washed. After which they are shredded into pieces before melting them before they are made into a high quality polyester yarn. To purchase any Dirtball clothes, just put your order online and we’ll respond immediately.